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Getting buy-in, support, and resources for new programs, initiatives, and technology is an ongoing struggle for environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) professionals. When you try to communicate the value of what your department does to senior management, you're often met with blank stares. It can feel like you're speaking a different language, and that no matter how hard you try, you can't break down the language barrier.

It's time to change that. To effectively convey the value of your EHS and Quality departments and get other business units on your side, the best way to gain support is to learn to speak their language.

This guide will help you communicate more effectively across the company, so the value of EHSQ doesn't get lost in translation.

Read the eBook to learn: 

  • Sure-fire strategies to learn the business languages of other key departments
  • Practical examples of how to frame your next conversation with the C-Suite, Operations, IT, and more
  • Best practices to hone your written and verbal communication skills 

Learn the lingo to convey the value of EHSQ across your company 

Mastering the Art of Communication for EHSQ Professionals


Learn how to break down language barriers across business units and effectively convey your value

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