Integrated Sustainability Software

Business sustainability has become a value driver for product innovation and revenue growth.  Measuring the success of your sustainability initiatives requires collaboration and the proper technology solutions to reduce the burden of collecting data. 

360° program view 

From creating and tracking sustainability objectives and targets to collecting data from across the entire organization, our sustainability software makes it easy for managers and their teams to break down silos and work collaboratively. 

Create, collect and report on qualitative and quantitative metrics for internal and external sustainability reporting. Data can be collected from and shared with anyone in your organization. 

Manage it all in one place

Standardize and simplify

Our software makes it easy for you to standardize the data gathering process with our solutions and simplify the reporting process with our fully integrated business intelligence platform. 

Easily collect, analyze and share information with sophisticated reports that turn data inputs into valuable knowledge for making informed decisions.

Dynamic Reporting

Mobile Responsive

Enable your employees to quickly complete actions and assigned tasks directly from their mobile device, providing immediate insight into task status.

Robust Security Roles & Permissions

Define global security settings and control data access and functionality for each end-user to stay compliant with global data security and privacy regulations.

"Everyone is more accountable because the whole team can see and quickly understand where everything is and make sure it’s within our compliance time frame. That report used to take us a few weeks to prepare and now we can do it in an hour." 

Aaron Welch, Environmental Supervisor at CAP

"You definitely get alot more out of the Cority system than other systems I've seen. The customer service is spot on. Support desk is always there for us and we never had to wait for an answer." 

Alicia Hudson, Covestro

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Unlike other providers, our integrated sustainability solution is designed, developed and supported by industry experts (and has been for 30+ years). Their hard-earned experiences are completely reflected in our out-of-the-box workflows. 


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Cority enables organizations to utilize Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software solutions to advance their journey to sustainability and operational excellence.


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