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Deliver convenient and fast virtual health care to your employees whenever and wherever they are, all within Cority's comprehensive occupational health solution.  

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Cority enables organizations to utilize Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) software solutions to advance their journey to sustainability and operational excellence.

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Remote Expert - Telehealth allows your occupational health teams to deliver health care services virtually within Cority’s Occupational Health solutions.

Easily schedule and manage right from Cority’s appointments module with a seamless end-to-end user experience.

Increase Business Performance - Reduce clinic inefficiencies associated with in-person visits, such as wait times and infectious exposures.

Easy Access Powered by Zoom - Timely care for remote employees, no matter where they may be.

Quick Setup - Pre-configured features designed for quick plug & play allowing for a faster rollout.

HIPAA Compliant - HIPAA compliance and reporting features allow for easy reporting and auditing.

Break down barriers to ensure employees have reliable access to timely, high-quality
care wherever they are, eliminating unnecessary travel time and costs.

Improve access to care

Deliver efficient care models

Increase clinic throughput and reduce wait times & overhead while streamlining processes and allowing health professionals to focus on delivering quality care to your employees.

Better manage infectious outbreaks

Enable employees to seek care without worrying about potential exposure to viruses and bacteria when waiting in crowded on-site clinics. 

Promote a healthier workforce

Address employee health concerns early and streamline employee medical history monitoring to help speed up diagnosis & recovery, leading to more positive health outcomes.

Strengthen data privacy

Cority offers some of the strongest data security features available in occupational health. Confidently deliver high-quality virtual care without compromising employee health privacy, or exposing the business to legal liability from non-compliance.

The Market-Leading Occupational Health Management Platform

Unlike other providers, our occupational health management solution is designed, developed and supported by occupational health experts (and has been for 30+ years). Their hard-earned experiences are completely reflected in our out-of-the-box workflows. 

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