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In recent times it has become more evident that punitive approaches to compliance and enforcement are not having the expected deterrence effect. Across the world we are seeing a paradigm shift. In Australia, we have seen our safety regulators’ approach mature from the traditional hard-line enforcement model to one that is more balanced with engagement and education. However, finding the right balance between enforcement and engagement is difficult. Too little enforcement action invites criticism, too much and its bureaucracy gone mad!

The growing movement across industry to ‘do safety differently’, has influenced our safety regulators to enforce safety differently. Across Australia, regulators are seeking to gain a better understanding of how to effectively engage organisations to create sustainable compliance. In this webinar, Naomi will discuss the reliance on punitive enforcement and deterrence both internally in organisations and the regulatory approach. She will raise the need to better influence business behaviour and decision-making. And how we can transform justice into actions that lead to rehabilitation and sustainable compliance.

Wednesday, July 10th

12:00pm-1:00pm AEST

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Naomi Kemp is the Founder of Safe Expectations, a health and safety strategy business that helps to deliver restorative innovations. Naomi specialises in Enforceable Undertakings, a niche aspect of our safety laws having researched, administered and advised on them. Over her career, Naomi has led 22 organisations to successfully have an Enforceable Undertakings accepted for alleged WHS contraventions. She has also conducted research into the effectiveness of Enforceable Undertakings as an alternative enforcement tool and has assisted other safety regulators to implement EU programs within their jurisdictions.  She describes herself as a strong advocate for restorative justice in the workplace and jumps at the opportunity to help leaders during pivotal times to make safety happen.