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RFP Template for Waste Management Software

Learn the essential questions to ask when evaluating waste management solutions with this free, ready-to-use template.

Select the right Waste Management software with this RFP Template

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Waste management is a priority for so many organizations – with good reason. From following waste storage locations and limits, knowing what types of wastes are onsite, tracking containers, managing disposal costs, conducting inspections, storing manifests, and monitoring vendors, waste specialists have a large role to fill, all while conforming to applicable laws across geographies.

Many companies are now embracing digital transformation strategies to gain process efficiencies, meet compliance requirements, and achieve operational excellence – but
how do you know where to start or which waste management technology partner to choose?

To help you ask the right questions, we've created a sample RFP template that covers what you need to consider when comparing waste management software solutions.  

Download this RFP Template and get:

  • An essential list of questions to ask when evaluating waste 
    management software providers

  • An easy way to compare vendors on your shortlist

  • Ready-to-use template that you can send to vendors today